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If you are serious about fixing your relationship, there are some things you're going to need-
Just like when you decide to take on anything important!

First of all -

When you're starting off, you need a real game plan.

You want to know exactly what you're doing, how you'll do it, and why.

That way, you'll have the Clarity, Certainty, and Hope that are the foundation for real success!


That's exactly what you'll get in the first book:
Relationship Rescue for Committed Couples: 8 Foundations



Another thing you'll need are specific instructions for what to do when the two of you start to argue -
When the tension is building -
And you both know exactly what you're doing-
And you both totally know better -
But you still - each of you - watch yourself helplessly as you descend into a fight or an argument, just like all the other times....

The same old stupid dance…

How do you take that awful moment, and turn it into a breakthrough that actually helps move your relationship forward, towards the healthy intimate best-friendship you are longing for?

That's what the 2nd book is about.

It's called:
The SWIM System to Eliminate Relationship Conflict


It gives you step-by-step instructions to turn that very moment around.

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